wp_aadb - Wordpress Anti ADs Blocker, Anti Adblock

Wordpress plugin of $AADB, the anti ad-blocking system with which you can protect your website against visitors who hides advertisements.
This script provides an unique feature : forcing re-display of the ADS. That mean when one of your visitors supress advertisements inside your page, the script will warn him (with a custom defined function) then it will recreate suppressed ADS inside your page to finally re-displaying again ! This $AADB plugin is the easiest way to benefit your Wordpress site the features of the most advanced anti-adblock system, the perfect tools with which you can finally preserve your advertising revenue! Features:
  • Identify visitors with an adblock extension enabled
  • Do something to counteract these visitors (warning, redirect …)
  • Force the redraw of advertisements!
  • No need for additional dependencies (like JQuery, Mootols, etc.)
  • Just one function call to make it work!
  • Very lightweight, fast and fully configurable system
  • Fully documented
  • Full support provided to all buyers and I’m open to your requests/ideas for improvements. I can even make you specifical integration/tweaking/plugin on demand.
    Just ask something! This anti adblock plugin exists also as a standalone version, you can find it here