WooCommerce - ShareASale Merchant Connector

How to setup your ShareASale merchant tracking code in your WooCommerce store? Not as simple as you’d hoped? Don’t worry…now you can: Easily integrate your ShareASale merchant tracking code into your WooCommerce Order-Received “Action” page. Just install the WooCommerce ShareASale Merchant Connector, enter your ShareASale merchant ID on the settings page and your shopping cart will be ready for ShareASale’s affiliate program. Features: - simple to install and is ready to go in under 5 minutes! - perfect for WooCommerce store owners who want to run a ShareASale affiliate program - requires zero coding / html technical knowledge on your part Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Will this plugin put ShareASale products on my website so that I can sell them? A: No, this plugin is not for ShareASale “Affiliates”, it is for “Merchants.” The plugin modifies the WooCommerce checkout thankyou page to include your merchant tracking code – this allows you to let affiliates make purchases through your website. Q: Does this only work for WooCommerce, or will it work with other shopping carts? A: This plugin is strictly for WooCommerce. It will not work for WP-Ecommerce, JigoShop, or any other shopping cart. Q: Will I need to do any coding to setup the tracking code? A: No, this plugin will do all of the coding for you. All you need to do is install the plugin, enter your ShareASale Merchant ID on the settings page (“ShareASale Merchant” under the WooCommerce admin menu) and your tracking code will be activated. Q: I have a thankyou.php that is modified (social media, sharing, etc) what will happen to my customizations? A: This plugin will replace your current thankyou.php file – any customizations you already have will become inactive once you start using this plugin (they will become active again if you deactivate this plugin). If you don’t mind losing your existing modifications, use this plugin freely – if you need your current changes, you will need to modify your current thankyou.php file to include your tracking code. Q: Is support available for this plugin? A: Yes, online support is available at: www.UsingWordpressForBusiness.com/support/