SourceBaker - Rich Custom Android Webview Template

Production Features

  • Open and editable source
    SourceBaker produces a editable template instead of a precompiled apk, this way you can customize and add everything you want.
  • Unlimited updates and generations
    SourceBaker remembers your previously entered details, this way you can quickly make an edit and re-generate your application. App templates are generated within a matter of seconds! And you only need to import your template, and without having to edit even a single line of code, you can produce an application ready for publishing!
  • Template Features

  • Customized theme color
    Give your apps a personal flavour, with a custom theme color for the actionbar and dialog title.
  • Smart Rate my App
    A smart rate my app dialog that will display after x days or x launches, and a there will not be asked for a rating if the app has ever crashed.
  • Smart SplashScreen
    Display a SplashScreen while your app’s webview is loading. You can just use your current transparent logo as SplashScreen.
  • One million push notifications per month with Parse
    Notify your users about new content with push notifications from Parse, you will get a free 1 million pushes a month!
  • Admob
    Make some money, just enter your admob id and you are ready to go. Ofcourse, you can disable ads at any time.
  • Google Analytics support
    Track your app, find out at how many installs you have, what day of the week you have to most users and even more.
  • Navigation and loading bar
    A thin and stylish loading bar that will automatically hide when the page is done loading, and navigation buttons (home, back, forward).
  • HTML video and geolocation
    Display HTML 5 video (Including youtube) and get your users location with HTML5 geolocation.
  • NOTE: HTML5 video fullscreen has to be done manually by setting width and height at 100 percent.
  • Build in download manager
    Use download functions in your application, set a directory to download the files to, a “confirm” dialog and a “done” dialog.
  • About dialog
    An native about dialog, with HTML support for markup.
  • Intergrated social features
    Share a custom text containing your apps name, and the url the user is currently viewing (example: I was using MyApp and I came across: check it out!)
  • Open exteral apps (Youtube, Store, Mail, etc.) from Webview.
    Open apps from your webview, let user open the mail app with your mail-adress, let your user call you with one click. Open a play store product page or a Youtube video in the native app, etc.
  • Orientation handler
    Your WebView does not restart on orientation change (normally it does).
  • Save password
    Show a “do you want to remember this password” dialog after submitting login forms on your website, and automatically load the login data on next visit.
  • Smart page title
    You page title will be your apps name, followed by a ”: ” followed by the page title. This way you can easily show to the user where they are.
  • No internet connection dialog
    Show a dialog that will inform the user in case there is no internet connection available.
  • Custom package name
    You app will have a custom package name, so no hasseling with package name changing!
  • Official Design Guidelines
    We made this template keeping the official android style regulations in mind, though being compatible with previous versions!
  • Panel Features

  • Rich documentation
    Setting up your pc, importing, customizing, error solving and publishing. It’s all described with screenshots in our rich documentation.
  • Mobile and tablet compatible
    Our whole site, including everything, has a responsive layout. Compatible with all tables and smartphones. Ready for mobile development with apps like AIDE, or if you would like your documentation on a second screen.
  • Reliable and fast servers
    All our servers are located in the UK, and we have selected the best hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth for ultimate speed and accessibility.
  • Premium support
    If you can not find your answer in the Documentation or our Community FAQ, we will be there for personal support.

  • Questions

    Still having some questions? No problem! Contact us at or at the contact form provided by Codecanyon.

    Unlimited policy

    We mentioned unlimited support and unlimited updates and re-generations, note that a fair use policy applies. If our unlimited policy is being abused, we might change unlimited support & generations to 1 year unlimited support & generations, if this happens you will get a 2nd year free.


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