RSS Reader for iPhone

RSS, Blog and Atom Reader for iPhone.

Video demo:

This project is written in Xcode 4.5 using the iOS SDK. This app currently supports iOS 5+ and using ARC. Storyboards used in this project so that customising is pretty simple.

It is ready for App Store submission without any modification.

You can integrate it into your application within couple of minutes.

Features: V2.0
  • open the full feed in web view within the app
  • now share the feed title and feed URL together
  • V1.0
  • Can be used as blog reader
  • Complete Xcode Project
  • StoryBoard supported
  • Ready to submit to app store
  • ARC
  • Supports iphone 5
  • Retina Display Ready
  • Supports Portrait Orientation
  • Learn and customise navigation bar and barbutton items
  • Well explained code. Documentation included
  • Able to customise easily since it is using storyboards