RobotBlogger - Article Publisher for WordPress

RobotBlogger – Article Publisher WordPress plugin creates posts from your imported articles and publishes them to your blog according to your settings and schedule. Your site gets regularly updated with new content completely on autopilot.

How RobotBlogger Can Help You Blog Efficiently and Profitably

It’s a well-known fact that in order to rank high in the Search Engines, you need to regularly update your blog with relevant content. But even if you have the content available – you’ve been collecting hundreds and hundreds of PLR articles for years – you just don’t have enough time to manually add those articles, one by one, to your blogs. Now, with the Article Publisher you can grow your blogs completely on autopilot! RobotBlogger – Article Publisher lets you mass import articles – as many as you wish – and schedule them to be posted regularly to your blog even years into the future. Just imagine your site will now get updated with your custom or PLR articles according to your settings and schedule without you lifting a finger. Your site’s visitors will return to your blog to read your updates, and search engines will come to index your site regularly due to fresh posted content. You can create as many publishing projects as you want, posting articles into specified blog categories. Check posting status of each project, monitor scheduled project content, manage the content to be published easily.


- Import multiple ZIP archives with articles
- Define how often and how many articles should be published
- Input tags to be used with the posts
- Specify categories where articles should be added
- Define Start and End dates for your publishing project
- Manage scheduled content, preview, edit, or delete