Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator


This is a generator which creates ready-to-use, responsive styled google maps in UNLIMITED COLORS! You customize various map settings, then, a map is auto-generated for you. When you like the resulted map, just click a button “GET MAP” and you’ll receive a code you can copy-paste in your website to display that styled map.

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What makes it different

This generator is UNIQUE because it’s the only one on the market which allows you to set practically ANY COLOR for the map. This way, you will be able to replace the classic look of google maps with a new, modern, improved one, which matches your website colors. You can also choose among 500 included map icons! What makes it also unique is the fact that the generated maps will auto-center on any screen and will also auto-center when the window is resized (most maps don’t do that). At the end, when you finish the customizations, you can copy-paste the generated code to include the map in your web page.


  • Very easy to use
  • 5 simple steps to obtain your responsive, styled map
  • Auto-generates the code to create responsive maps
  • Unlimited map colors!
  • Maps are responsive
  • Maps are visible in any modren browser
  • Maps are visible on mobile devices
  • 500 included map icons
  • You can display your logo in the marker’s popup
  • Any map control can be switched on/off
  • Markers descriptions accepts both text and html code
  • The map auto-centers itself on window resize
  • License

    The Regular License allows you to use this generator on a single, one website and you can have more than one map on that website. But, if you want to use this generator on another website you will need to purchase an additional Regular License. For usage in a template for sale on Themeforest, you will need to purchase the Extended License. Thank you for your purchases!


    My support is guaranteed for any of my items and I am working hard to create items that satisfy your needs. Still, if you are not rating this item with 5 stars, please let me know why. I would love to know if you have suggestions for improvements, if some features are missing, or if any other features are not compatible with your website setup. I will always do my best to offer premium support, so your feedback is very much appreciated!


  • jQuery gMap plugin by Sebastian Poreba:
  • Icons:
  • Using the Google Maps API you agree to their Terms of Service
  • Version history

    18 August 2013 - version 1.3 - CSS customizations to the popup window (required by latest changes in Google Maps API) - Code format in a more readable way - Small fix to iconanchor and anchorshadow values in generated code - Update to jQuery v1.10.2 11 May 2013 - version 1.2 - Text changes - Image paths corrections - Street view control set to true by default - Compacted the generated map code 27 April 2013 - version 1.1 - Search by address field added - Draggable marker added - Visual improvements (many thanks to <a href="">karaziki</a>) - Select generated code on mouse click - Scripts files are now local 22 April 2013 - version 1.0 - The initial version