Quicknube - Minimal Design File Hosting Script

Quicknube is a WebApp that allows you to upload your files online, share them, manage them or see them in your browser. We build an app intuitive, fast and simple, useful for companies or individuals who need to share files with colleagues or customers. When logged in, a user can create folders, manage files, upload them, copy them, delete them, share them or display them in a web browser. All operations are easy thanks to the simple and minimal interface built in flat design. Quicknube has a secure login & sign up, a password recovery and external and secure processes; Users can make changes thier account, display the space available, search for files, upload files with a secure Uploader, display Files Online and manage Files and Folders with an innovative GUI (tiles). The administrator can sending welcome email, control the system (thanks to page “systemstats.php”, where it is possible to have informations about users and the space used and available.) and set limitations for each user. Quicknube needs a simple Web Server with PHP 5 & MySQL database and a Web Browser. Once bought, you can see and edit all the full code of Quicknube. The installation is simple thanks to the guide with images supplied (in the folder “install/”) and the possibility to contact us by email for assistance.