Modern Bold Buttons


Modern Bold Buttons is an elegant and stylish set of buttons made in CSS3. Works on links, inputs, buttons.
Bonus: Font Awesome ready (more than 360 icons)!


  • 16 color variations
  • 3 sizes
  • 2 border size styles + rounded
  • Disabled and progress states
  • Works on links, inputs, buttons
  • Easy customization (just copy-paste css class, rename it and change only 3 values – background color, border color, text color)
  • No image required
  • Degrades nicely on older browsers (see screenshots)
  • Detailed documentation (how to use, colors and styles description, how to customize)
  • Font Awesome ready (more than 360 icons)! You can easily add an icon to the buttons
  • SASS file included
  • Small size of css files: normal – 11kB, minified – 9kB, minified and gzipped (with compression) – 1.8kB
  • Credits

  • Thanks Dave Gandy for Font Awesome
  • Thanks for awesome backgrounds on demo page
  • Support

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!