Informational App Template

Please see the “Support” tab for importing instructions. This app serves as a template that can be adjusted to suit any person or business! As a beginner, you will learn how to make an Android app, how to read the code, and how to customize it. As an expert, you will have a beautiful template ready to be transformed into a brand compliant application. The app is made up of four pages: Main/Home, Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3. The main page has buttons that link to each sub-page. Each subpage has a list of images supported with titles and subtitles. This layout is perfect for a an app that showcases: portfolio, workout, spa, presentation, and more! Google Admob is incorporated on each page, which can result in an immediate return on investment. On top of this, there are code examples to share your app via multiple applications, and also a URL link to “buy” your product. When I was learning how to develop for the Android platform, I had to scour the web for multiple resources. In the attached documentation, I go over everything that is included in this app, where it can be found, and even how to customize it. “Informational App” acts as a learning tool as well as a full-fledged, ready-for-market, application. Please feel free to link your application if it uses “Information App” template.