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Fullscreen Weather Background is a WordPress plugin designed in matters of functionality, usability and stylish design. With this plugin you can easily turn your static WordPress template into great looking multimedia web site. You can select between dozens of transparent patterns to cover your video background in order to fit every web site template.

Basic features

  • Integrated Yahoo weather API (no API key required)
  • Automatic location detection (in favor of user personalization)
  • Fixed weather module
  • 40+ different multimedia footage of weather types
  • 50 Unique transparent patterns
  • Cross-browser compatibility – works perfect with all modern browsers
  • Optimized to support mobile devices
  • Amazing performance optimization
  • Only 15 mB of video storage required*
  • (NEW) Select between 3 NEW Overlay options
  • (NEW) Location selector menu (custom locations)
  • (NEW) Custom page/post controls – turn on/off modules, change location
  • (NEW) Rebuilt Admin CP with over 30 Options

  • » There are 2 fallback video footage formats to fit all kinds of browsers. Some old browsers can not use newer multimedia formats.


    1.1.0 (27.08.2013) [Mod] Reworked administration panel [Add] Added new overlay options for choosing between none/pattern/shards [Add] Added 7 new shards options [Add] Added option to turn on/off video background [Fix] Fixed error when selecting repeatable cities (Monaco, Scottsdale etc.) [Mod] Removed JSON weather forecast and replaced with RSS wp_remote_get [Mod] Added transients for chaching the weather forecast for an hour [Mod] Added transients for chaching the GeoIP information during autodetect [Add] Added 4th overlay option - Gradient , generated via CSS3 [Add] Gradient transparent selectors [Fix] Fixed all gradient bugs (deleting the first color, deleting rgba() colors) [Add] 6 Custom options for posts/pages allowing you to disable/enable modules [Add] Added selector for custom locations [Add] Added selector for removing cookies and cache and switch default location. [Fix] Fixed admin panel pattern icons for Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari [Mod] Dropped support over WordPress 3.4 [Fix] Fixed preloading/scrolling of video requirement. 1.0.1 (16.08.2013) [Add] Basic version
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