Football Worldcup 2014-Tshirt-Designer

Football Worldcup 2014-Tshirt-Designer : Let your customers create and design their own favorite team T-shirts ( Qualified to world-cup 2014 in Brazil ) ,directly on your website. Works with any kind of product and can be integrated in minutes.


Let users :

  • Choose their favourite football Team T-shirt (Qualified to worldcup Brazil 2014 )from collection .
  • Add unrestricted Football T-shirt shapes, images and texts
  • Add texts with diffent sizes ,fonts and colors.
  • Change Text Color, Size and fonts.
  • Move ,remove , drag Elements.
  • Add unrestricted custom fonts from google Font and other services.
  • Upload their own design images or logos to print on football t-shirt.
  • Preview their T-shirts as designed .
  • Define the Tshirt size on the design.
  • Approve the design .
  • Save Tshirt design as image.
  • Print Tshirt Design.
  • share on facebook .