ferroLayers – a fully responsive 3D navigation

FerroLayers is a jQuery plugin that allows you to organize the contents of websites in a unusual and supersonic way and navigate through them with folding/zooming effects. Built with pure HTML5 and CSS3. Transitions and animations are CSS3 native. FerroLayers allows you to:
  • arrange HTML elements in layers. Only one layer at time can be visible. Any type of content is allowed
  • navigate through layers with CSS 3d transition such as rotation or zoom
  • change the transition effect by choosing one of the 3 axes of transtion
  • create tiles inside layers that will animate independently
  • customize transitions setting their duration, easing, perspective, delay of single tiles or tiles group, and transformation origin
  • load content with AJAX, eventually forcing reload at every transition
  • encapsulate layers and tiles into a container with simple HTML elements nesting
  • Full documentation and demos are shown in the Plugin Homepage