CSS Responsive Touch-Friendly Gallery with Effects


100% CSS, this thumbnail gallery works great on your computer as on your touch devices. You have many effects to choose from, as the dynamics and colour of the details box to the image’s dynamics and style.
The clean code is easy to modify and comes with a documentation file.

Available description box styles:

  • Fade Center
  • Fade to Black
  • Fade to White
  • Black Fade to Zero
  • White Fade to Zero
  • Slide from Bottom
  • Slide from Left
  • Slide from Right
  • Available Image Styles:

  • Shrink
  • Zoom
  • Slide Up
  • Slide Down
  • Tilt
  • BONUS styles (available only on computer):
  • Blur to Clear
  • Clear to Blur
  • Desaturate to Color
  • Color to Desaturate
  • NOTE: the images and the demo in the video are not included.
    Credits for the photos: Matthew Simantov sskennel KikeXtra Checo Che Malkav Lola núñez steve.garner32 Renato Ganoza Jazminator Firelknot
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