CodeIgniter CRUD - Data Management System


CodeIgniter CRUD – Data Management System is a powerful Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator package for CodeIgniter. You can intergrate it with your CodeIgniter application and saved the development time. CodeIgniter CRUD – Data Management System is very easy to use.


  • Form elements support: Textbox, Date,Datetime, Autocomplete, Textarea, Editor, Checkbox, Radio, Selectbox, tag, file
  • Auto detect mysql field type (date, datetime, timestamp, time….)
  • Join table support
  • Anti sql inections
  • Anti-XSS
  • Anti-CSRF
  • Upload file and image
  • Theme support
  • CKEditor support
  • Date and Datetime picker support
  • Auto sortable columns
  • Auto Pagination
  • SubQuery support
  • Callback function support
  • Easy definition validate
  • Requirements

  • PHP5+
  • MySQL5+
  • gd extension
  • Changelog

    2013-08-10 - Version 1.0 - Initial release.