CartDelight - Service Commerce Wordpress Plugin

CartDelight Service Commerce Wordpress Plugin – Client Management System

CartDelight is a plugin that can help you quickly set up a virtual store to sell services or virtual products to your clients. It contains everything you need such as sales notification platform, sales dashboard and client dashboard. It runs on all Wordpress themes and version. You don’t have to purchase a compatible theme to run with this plugin. There are also tons of customization that you can do with this plugin as well such as localization, foreign currency, promotions and many more.

Main features

  • Sales dashboard with graph and new order notification as well as cancelled profile orders which can help you quickly know how many orders need to process today
  • Service custom form which allows admin to capture additional information associated with a service.
  • Product variation which allows you to sell multiple version of a service.
  • Product shortcode allows you to sell products on your custom themes, forums, emails, etc
  • Easily order tracking with color tag
  • File delivery management: deliver your completed work to clients
  • One-time and recurring profiles: allow users to buy one-time charge and recurring services.
  • Product shortcode
  • Sales notification
  • Customer account notification
  • Dashboard with All Sale Details That You Will Need

    Quickly know how many new orders today as well as how many cancelled profiles from customers. CartDelight is deeply integrated with Paypal that it will let you know instantly how many canceled profile in a day without looking up buyer’s email address or Paypal Transaction ID

    Customer Panel that Your Customers Will Love

    Nothing can beat the easy and simpleness of CartDelight integrated customer panel. You customers can download their order’s files that you deliver to them and keep track of their orders. No more customer complaints or customer inquiry through emails

    Live Demo

    Use these credentials to login to backend and test the CartDelight Demo URL: Username: admin Password: letmein Customer Demo Username: anothertest123 Password: letmein