Alphabet Jump - HTML5 Game

About the game:

This game is another creative work from 01smile group. In this game we have used a genre similar to “Doodle Jump” for teaching alphabets.
We have used a method in which children will become familiar with alphabets’ shapes, sounds and order by seeing and listening to them in their proper order.
This game can be very useful in teaching alphabets to children from 3 to 6 years old.
Story: Our main character wants to reach the sun and there is only one way to do this! He has to jump on the clouds in order of English alphabets and reach the sun! If he jumps on a wrong cloud (alphabet), he falls but won’t lose; he can jump again on the clouds and he will win the game when he reaches the sun.

Game’s control:

You just have to touch the screen or left click somewhere to order the character to jump in that direction.

Game’s features:

1. There are three characters in this game and you can replace them with the characters that you want and prefer.
2. Three differentlevels have been designed for this game.
3. In order to make the game more interesting, each time it will randomly load a character and a level.
4. You can make your own educational game by using, for example, numbers instead of alphabets and putting your desired sound effects into it.
5. Resolution can be changed and you can modify it to work properly on mobile phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.
6. This game can be run in all HTML5 browsers.
And at the end,
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